Monday, July 11, 2005

ricordati di me

this is a subtle drama/comedy about a family. about a father who is still in love with his first girlfriend and decides to have an affair with her when the oppurtunity arose. about a mother who after years of sacrifice as the housewife and mother to her kids turns around and fulfills her ultimate dream to become an actress. about a daughter who was willing to stake everything to get what she wants. and finally about a son who is preoocupied with making something of himself. some self esteem issues too which i can relate to (only too well).

i thought this film was very insightful on many levels. it depicts virtues that are regarded as unacceptable in filipino society. quite the opposite, filipinoes would prefer for the father to ignore his true feelings, for the mother to continue to sacrifice her dreams, the daughter to be sedated and obedient, and the son to be more "macho" because in filipino society "machismo" remains to be the sole ingredient of what it means to be a man.

there is raw honesty between characters, which to me is the ultimate display of respect. again, seldom found in filipino cultures. filipinoes would rather hide their true feelings afraid that others might take offense. that distorted kind of arrangement with their parents, where children are inferior (sometimes regarded as property) and are restricted of speech and other liberties.

very european and progressive. vive l'italie!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ****
Insight on family dynamics and personal happiness


rob said...

I haven't watched this, but it looks interesting because it portrays family from a different viewpoint which is good. The actress playing the wife (?) is good-looking based on the movie stills, probably the italian version of Diane Lane.

Read the ending on imdb, intriguing way to end the movie.

rmacapobre said...

monica belucci plays the other woman. and i didnt know she spoke english french AND italian .. shes amazing ..

the wife is also pretty ..

roehl said...

max, if this is as good as you claim it to be, then this should be shown in philippine schools if only to try and challenge our very outdated virtues and values.