Thursday, July 21, 2005

Henry and June

henry and june is a biographical film about writers and their affairs in paris, 1931. mainly of anais nin's encounter with henry miller and his wife named june. [researched on anais nin. shes pretty hot for a writer. click on the link]

the main hero is anais. a writer in private. she has a zest for life, love, and poetry. curious about everything that has and can add to meaning or purpose. she is alive. feeling deeply about things, as anyone who is alive is meant to feel. shes married to hugo who is also an artist but has decided to join the mundane workforce (in a bank) to support his wifes writing. this also leads to a rift between them.

henry (henry miller) is just what anais needed at that time. he was basic. also a writer and a realist. he takes things as they are without being poetic. he sees drama in realism. for henry, sex is not just about pleasure, but is as natural and necessary like breathing.

hugo is the straight character in the group. he allows himself room, not to pretend he owns anais. a mistake many husbands feel about their wives. people thinking they own other people just because they share a bed and the like. he supports anais in everything she decides to do. including affairs with other men and women. there were no judgements. he freely loves anais. not the selfish kind where people are held in cages.

and finally the narcissist. june is played by uma thurman. she is henry's lover, wife, muse. she seduces anais when she notices her. exploring. she teaches her that kind of love that exists between free women. she is exquisite. she demands constant worhip. the rest of us are prey. helpless and willing victims.

the set is french. paris of 1931. there was homosexual behaviour (lesbian). orgies. pornography. narcissism. liberation. my favorite scene was at the brothel. where naked european women were showcased by the madame.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars * * *
A bit artsy and anais is hot.

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