Sunday, July 09, 2006

What Not to Miss

We're more than halfway through this year and I'm a bit worried. Why? Because so far I have yet to hear a truly great and memorable song for 2006. If this trend continues I won't have a 'top 5' song list at the end of the year. We had a couple of great new songs released last year, but this year seems pretty barren.

I've also read only a handful of books, so I've got to catch up in order to have enough to make a 'best books of the year' list. This is my fault as I've been preoccupied with some urgent stuff the first half of the year. I should have more reading time this second half. I've got a huge backlog piled up and plan to order some more books soon.

Movie-wise, this has been a pretty mediocre year, just like last year. I have yet to watch a good movie and I don't want to waste any more cash on watching films that don't do it for me. I've got my hopes pinned on 'Lady in the Water', M. Night Shyamalan's first movie since 2004. This looks like a good one. Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' looks interesting too, a must-own DVD as well as book.

What makes me excited is that a couple of my favorite bands are releasing new CDs within the next few months.

Suzanne Vega released her "Live at Montreux" live concert DVD late last year, and I just got it a month ago. Haven't listened to it yet, but I will shortly. She is also reportedly working on her next album, which I am excitedly awaiting.

CAKE has a new album coming up! Alas, it's also a live concert CD, but that's good enough. They are looking for suggestions as to which live recordings should be included in the release. I'm hoping they include a live 'You Part the Waters' and 'Italian Leather Sofa' together with their staple songs. You can get all the latest CAKE news from their site (they also have an advice column, check it out).

Now for some great news, yes Barenaked Ladies, after a long three year wait, will be releasing their new album 'Barenaked Ladies Are Me' this September. The first single 'Easy' is already out. Yay!

By some coincidence, both CAKE and BNL have split from their recording studios, electing to go independent. I am both excited and fearful at the same time as it isn't easy to promote and publicize your own music. Having two of my favorite bands take this unconvential indy route gives me a greater stake in seeing independent music producers becoming successful.

What else, there's this plan for Angie Hart, former lead singer of Frente, to go solo. I read about it in her blog (yes she has a blog, and it's your typical personal journal at that). Having Ms. Hart with the angellic voice go solo would be a dream come true for many long suffering Frente fans.

Here's the best news yet. This is something I've been pulling for for a long time. Remember Sixpence None the Richer? They disbanded right? Never hear any music from them again. Hold on, because Leigh Nash is back! Yes she is recording a soon to be released album, most likely out by this year. Some samples of her new songs are also available. What a pleasant surprise.

My fantasy scenario is for CAKE, Barenaked Ladies, Suzanne Vega, Angie Hart, and Leigh Nash to all release new albums late this year. My CD player will be playing nonstop until Christmas. 2006 will go from a barren year to one of the best years for music.


roehl said...

rob, speaking of best songs/cds/books, the next time you visit the philippines (whether it be next year, the year after that, or whenever) can i BORROW (among the things you own there) your (1)best fiction book, (2)best self-help book, (3)best computer book --something you think i can still understand, (4)best studio-recorded cd, (5)best live cd, and (6)best dvd movie

wow, all that enumeration has gotten me excited ...... and dont tell me what they are right now and advise me to buy them for i can tell you right now that your "best" would not necessarily mean good to me so there's no sense in my purchasing them. but my intention here is to dig deeper into the mind of "thedisciple". :-)

rob said...

Roehl, it's a date! The dangerousreviewers get togtether at starbucks will be a major event (that is, unless only the two of us show up, hehehe) Hopefully by then, I'll have some new 'bests'. From previous posts, the dangerousreaders probably have an idea about my favorite fiction book, and best self-help book (I hate that term).

Best computer book - haven't really thought about that. I don't think I've read it yet. Best CD is hard because it usually changes depending on what I can relate with at that specific time of my life. The best DVD/best movie surely won't come from this year unless Lady in the Water tops 'Signs' as my favorite Shyamalan film.

rmacapobre said...

ive been immersing myself to music from france and germany. some of them are clones of popular music from the states. there are a few and interesting novelties. to find them poses the real challenge.

i have been downloading some of them from youtube. music by sylie vartan, francois hardy, alizee (french britney), petula clark, kyo (french rock band), and others.

roehl said...

>Best CD is hard because it usually changes depending on what I can relate with at that specific time of my life.

that's ok. we'll just generalize it to one of your best cds.