Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cathy Dennis - Into the Skyline

I was a big fan of Cathy Dennis back in college. She was the early 90's queen of pop, best known for her hit songs 'Too Many Walls' and 'Touch Me'. This is a review of her second album 'Into the Skyline' which didn't quite match the popularity of her initial singles. I had the original cassette tape and acquired the CD version just over a month ago (actually I had bought a used CD copy several years before but stupidly left it behind at home, so I had to buy another copy).

True, this was a very important CD to me as I considered her music as very influential to my growing up as the songs come attached to many memories. One of the fun parts about being a fan is having to endure the ridicule of the Pearl Jam/Nirvana/Spin Doctors crowd (although I actually also liked The Spin Doctors back then) which were plentiful back then. Ahhh... the good ol' days.

I felt a tinge of apprehension as I opened the case and started re-listening to the old songs. I was afraid I may no longer appreciate her music as I did back then. Or that they wouldn't sound as good as before. The mark of a good artist is when you listen to the same songs many years later they still retain their power and have the same effect to you as they did when you first heard them. And the good news was, that Cathy Dennis magic was still there.

There are two types of songs in this album: the pop/dance tunes, and the ballads. Though 'Into the Skyline' will be remembered for its singles 'You Lied To Me' and 'Irresistible', its best kept secret will be its wonderful ballads. 'Being With You' is feel-good, sugary sweet. 'Moments of Love' is rich, cool, and haunting. While 'Our True Emotions' is the song that I only appreciated after being more than a decade older.

The pop/dance songs such as We've Got To Fight, You Lied To Me, and Irresistible are nice nostalgia plays. I hate to admit this, I've always been inspired the lyrics to We've Got To Fight: "We've got to fight... for what's right... in this world." It reminds me that we've got to keep striving for good even when things are bad.

But my new favorite song here is 'Change Will Come'. I liked this back in college, but it wasn't exactly my favorite. I remember back then during periods when my prospects weren't so good, and when I felt down on my luck. But I would hear this song and know that 'Change Will Come'. It's as relevant today as it was back then. A great inspirational song.

I know that I'm out of place
But I know you're just wasting time
Your life is your own to waste
But I won't have you wasting mine

Change will come
If you believe
Change will come
Do you hear me
Everybody's sayin' change will come

What good is the quick escape
When the problem is here inside
Life can be a better place
If you'll only believe in time

Change will come
Through you and me
Change will come
Do you hear me
Everybody's sayin' change will come

She's no longer active in singing, but she's been very active composing one hit song after another. What do 'Toxic' (Britney Spears), Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue), 'Never Had a Dream Come True' (S-Club 7), as well as the American Idol theme song have in common? They were all composed by Cathy Dennis. Now what I want to see is a recording comeback.

Rating: 4/5 * * * *


roehl said...

ahhh yes..... cathy dennis = college years = cathy mapa :-)

rob said...

Hey, no names! Actually can you edit the comment (make it Cathy X or something, hehehe) just in case she might be a regular dangerousreader.

roehl said...

ok, let's make it yennie then. hehehe.

but seriously, wouldnt it be good if she actually reads dangerousreviewers? this might mean we have a cult following, and never mind if no one clicks the google ads. :-)

rmacapobre said...

in college, i remember being moved by the song vulnerable by roxette .. that was before i met billie holiday and ella fitzgerald ..

rob said...

Not a big fan of Roxette, but I liked their song 'How Do You Do' a lot. Really good song.

roehl said...

there's a very good old roxette song from their very first album "look sharp!" that wasnt released as a single. the song's called "dance away".

Anonymous said...

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