Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the king of torts - john grisham

clay carter was a long time public defender who wasnt happy with his job. there was little money too little life and too much work. his long time girlfriend rebecca van horn, who works for the government, was thinking of breaking up with him, unless he gives in to the wishes of her parents. they want him to go corporate. where the money is. they dont like clay. they dont take kindly to people who dont have fortunes to spend. they hate clay and vice versa. rebecca and clay eventually broke up. much to the pressure of her parents.

one day, he was approached by french (french is a first name) who convinced him to file a mass tort case against a drug company which distributed some bad drug. the drug had a side effect of making a person who took it to commit homicide. it didnt matter when or who.

the key to making the money was to have the families of the homicide victims to settle (to keep their mouth shut). the drug company would pay them hundreds of millions. which will include the lawyer's fees.

the story now turns into a roller coaster of money making at the expense of drug companies which made mistakes. these companies are forced to settle. they pay huge huge amounts of money to settle. little of it trickle to the claimants who took their bad drug. a lot of it goes to the mass tort lawyer. the newspapers had by now picked up his scent. of having acquired enormous amounts of wealth at a short span of time. they dubbed him the "the king of torts". suddenly, he had tons of friends. assets. one very pretty model. and made enemies as well.

i would stop here as i think you too probably already know whats about to happen next ...

rating - 2 out of 5 **
too predictable

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