Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Best New Music of 2005

Compared to last year, 2005 was a quiet year for music. I spent most of my time catching up with older songs I've missed rather than listening to new ones. Nevertheless here are my favorites of 2005 in order:

6. Guitar Man - CAKE

This is CAKE's tribute and remake of Bread's 70's classic. Think of it as cake and bread coming together. I have to admit I enjoyed the new version better than the original though I like them both. CAKE captures the emotion of the original song, while adding its own distinct tempo and voice. And if you liked 'Guitar Man', then you'll enjoy the Friends and Lovers: Songs of Bread CD.

5. Trouble With Dreams - Eels

I was intrigued with this song when I first heard it. It wasn't like anything I listened to before. Put together that xylophone-like piano intro with drum, violin and raspy voice for a dream-like composition that will haunt you. Add the catchy tune, a lot of contradictory pauses, and you've got one of the most unique songs of the year.

4. Beverly Hills - Weezer

A future staple in sporting events, Weezer hit a home run with this one. This song is high energy from the intro to the chorus. An acceptable substitute to caffeine. I haven't heard a good loser song like this since Beck.

3. Come As You Are - Mindi Abair

I loved this soft guitar/saxophone instrumental piece the instant I heard it on the radio. Mindi Abair is one of the best new composers in the business. I imagine that the message of this song is to avoid pretension, embrace the natural, and just come as you are. Blending of guitar and sax is inspired. High-quality music.

2. Krafty - New Order

Great Scott, new wave lives on! I couldn't believe it at first that the 80's band New Order was still active and churning out great songs such as this one. Krafty captures the carefree happy spirit in us and has a positive uplifting message. Fantastic!

1. Complicated Man - Minnie Driver

I really didn't care much for Minnie Driver until I heard her sing Complicated Man on Carson Daly. You can't help but like this song, the lyrics, catchy twangs in the melody, and extremely addictive. Imagine the best parts of several distinct songs rolled into one 80's-country-pop tune. I smile when I realize that Complicated Man, our #1 song this year, was just a bonus track from the japan import CD of an actress turned pop artist.

Happy Listening!


roehl said...

rob, a very alternative music yearender even if i've heard only a third of these songs. and you know me, i love different, i love weird. might as well call me "weird personified".

watch out for my 2005 books yearender which i will also post here in dangerous reviewers. the article is already very long and i'm not even finished with it yet. i'm actually worried that blogspot might reject this very lengthy journal entry.

rob said...

Roehl, I forgot one song - 'Bleed Like Me' by Garbage, which I will add to the list.

books yearender - Looking forward to it! I'll also post mine before the end of the year. We can compare notes.