Monday, October 03, 2005

Le Divorce

le divorce. a film about french culture from an american perspective. which means most of it may have been exagerrated. i cant be sure. i have never been nor exposed to it except through hollywood films. but one major theme was getting a mistress. i honestly dont see anything wrong with it except that im not in a relationship. maybe ill feel different when i am in one. but i can see myself getting a mistress when the relationship, and it is bound to happen, become sour. people can pretend to live happily together forever. despite the fact that we all know that .. that only happens in fairy tales. the movie exposes how the french accepts this fact. that people are subject to affairs outside marraige. the french appear decadent and backward. and that they may have archaic views about equality of the sexes especially during a divorce. i cant pinpoint exactly what it is but it was explicitly mentioned in the movie. i didnt understand parts of the ones where french was used. it was too rapidly spoken. and im not that good yet at listening.

all in all it was a window to the french culture. not exactly one that mirrors fact but rather maybe how americans view them.

rating: 3 out of 5 ***


rob said...

Naomi Watts could be worth the price of admission here.

rmacapobre said...

and naomi watts (king kongs girl) is adorable.