Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Temple of Elemental Evil

these are some bugs ive found playing toee with patch 3.

- pc ranger spells arent listed. even when they are available (supposedly).
- druid spells appear out of place at the radial menu.
- mage sorc spells can display duplicates at the radial menu.
- gems carried by player characters are withheld.
- the game thinks its owned by non player characters.
- some scenes bog my machine down. or probably its my video card
- how does one use the rope of entanglement in the game?
- what about multiple wands?
- the cleric domain powers are stuck at level one.

i have tried searching for the answers from google. and it appears like im not the only one looking. ToEE is a particularly nice game esp for those familiar with the dungeons and dragons the old RPG game. its too bad though that its rigged to the rim with bugs. i dont know how it fared in the market. but i hope it did well. otherwise it would have been for nothing.

Rating: 3 of 5 ***
For effort and attempt

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rob said...

I got a used copy of Pool of Radiance (the more recent version) but haven't played it yet. Baldur's Gate II took a lot out of me. It actually felt tedious to play so I stopped after escaping the first dungeon. Which is unfortunate because I really want to get into the new RPG games (Final Fantasy, Fable, etc.) but can't seem to get mentally prepared.