Monday, October 17, 2005

Computer Shows

The untimely demise of TechTV left a huge void in computer and technology-related programming on the airwaves. Fortunately, there has been a recent renaissance in tech-related shows on TV, radio, and the web, most of whom were produced by the old TechTV mainstays. As someone who works and plays with computers everyday, you gotta love this stuff. Here's a list of my favorite shows that I follow:

1. This Week in Tech (podcast)
Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and the old Screen Savers gang are back in this very informative and entertaining weekly podcast. Leo and his buddies sit back, relax, and be their geeky selves as they discuss all the latest tech news. This is ground zero for everything tech. Also check out Leo's other podcast, Security Now! with Steve Gibson which focuses on computer security related topics.

2. Call For Help
Leo had to move his show to Canada after it was canceled. Thank goodness someone in Canada had the sense to pick this up. Leo and his 'Call for Help'ers, Amber and Andy have fascinating guests such as Mr. Excel, The Photoshop Guy, and The Security Guy Steve Gibson, as well as help call in viewers with their computer problems. Fun and educational.

3. KFI Tech Guy (radio)
Man, this Laporte guy must be real busy. This is Leo in his finest form, as radio is his favorite medium. He tries to solve listener's computer problems in his show and makes complicated topics easy to understand. I listen to this over the internet every weekend. Most of it is basic stuff. Still it's a fun tech talk show.

4. Digital Life TV
This is hosted by Patrick Norton, Leo's former co-host in The Screen Savers. This web-only show is probably the closest thing you'll get to TechTV-style programming. They cover a lot of howto topics as well as all the newest gadgets available. Fun weekly show.

5. commandN
Hosted by Amber Mac and Mikey of Call For Help. Another web-only tech news show from a younger perspective. The nice thing about this is that it covers pop tech culture without catering to the lowest common denominator of viewer. While entertaining and informative, the best reason to watch this is to see the lovely Amber in her own show.

The growing available of video and audio over the internet as opposed to traditional broadcast airwaves signals a trend towards Internet TV. We're witnessing the start of the golden age of IP TV. I can hardly wait.

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