Monday, October 03, 2005

Death Becomes Her

it is a comedy about immortality. now that i have turned 32 myself. well outside of what most people might consider as youth. it is, more than ever before, apparent this question of living forever or longer. it is fascinating to us. this subject because in truth we can only know the life we have here. on earth. and the rest -- beliefs of an after life are just means for most of us - the great majority, to cope with this undeniable fact of someday. this will all end.

the movie creates this situation where it is possible to go back. to become young again. during the peak of physical beauty and probably mental prowess too. in my case, right after college, and before i turned 25 is when i think, i was at my peak and during which after, and i am willing to openly admit it to the universe, that i have experienced a downward spiral since then.

will i take that potion? i will probably. because i miss it. i miss being young. i miss being confident about myself, my mind, my body.

rating: 3 out of 5 ***

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Taylor said...

Interesting blog, I like the title. Nice B.Cockburn tie-in, not sure if you intended it but it's cool. I think I'll be checking it out again too. I'll definitely want to see 'Death Becomes Her'. Drop by my blog if you like, and feel free to post a comment, I'm pretty new at this kind of thing, but it seems to be fun.

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