Sunday, February 26, 2006

man to man

starring: joseph fiennes, kristine scott thomas, iain glen, hugh bonneville, lomama koseki, céile bayiha

it is always fascinating to observe humanity as it was. and in retrospect, as it is. this film is about 18th century europe, when it had had for a time come to terms with mankinds true origins thru the theories of charles darwin. at this point, mankind had lost that privileged place of being the center of all nature. it has turned on into itself. it created a heirarchy of humans, with the caucasians at the top, because it had probably had the most bruised ego being the first to discover, and negroids at the bottom.

the story begins with dr dodd's capture of the two pygmies. toko (male) and lumiko (female). they were in the beginning treated/regarded as animals. dr. dodd's interaction with them brought him to the realisation of his prejudices. this is a clear message of how to cure prejudice. why prejudice is wrong. the story ends with the roles of who is the real savage reversed.

we all have prejudices against other people. wrong notions about people based on the color of their skin, gender preference, creed, their age, their sex.

rating 5 out of 5 *****
we are all human beings.


rob said...

This reminds me of 'Island of Dr. Moreau'.

Interesting that we have two 5 star movies in a row. Just need one more for the grandslam.

roehl said...

interesting how the philippine basketball association (pba) has influenced filipino sports fans to associate a grand slam with the number 3, there being 3 conferences in a year in the pba and winning all 3 constitutes a grand slam. but in countries where baseball is popular, the number 4 is attributed to a grand slam as it refers to belting a home-run while the bases are loaded and thus earning the hitter 4 runs batted in (rbis) in one swing of a bat. in tennis, there are also 4 grand slam tournaments (the australian open, wimbledon, the french open, and the u.s. open). winning all 4 in the same year would probably be the ultimate of grand slams. in our era, i don’t recall anyone achieving this feat (though i may be wrong) but rob’s fave player martina hingis almost did it the year when she won 3 of 4 and her only “failure” being a loss in the french open finals to iva majoli.

all this i have to discuss as max’s review was too deep for me.