Thursday, February 02, 2006

stage beauty

this movie is acute in illustrating how we are so preoocupied with gender roles. men are expected to behave this way and women are to behave another way. mannerisms brought about by the culture that fosters them. creating strict expectations and thus self limitations, by which everyone must adhere to, or suffer the consequences.

the story takes place in 17th century england. it starts with a very famous actor, mr. kynaston who plays women. at this period, women werent allowed to take on any roles on the stage. purposely prohibited by guess who? ^_^ and so it was up to the men to take on women parts. and for some rather exceptionally. up until the king who was very liberal, turns about and decrees that women be allowed to play women roles. this new decree, beside the obvious implication of advancing womens rights in society, takes away the jobs previously available for said actors.

my favorite part was when the king was deliberating on the subject of allowing women to act on plays. and one argued that france, a neighboring country, had always been doing it for years. although said in jest, its a tribute to a culture that has always been progressive, socially that is.

also i find this film to be mocking of how things are still today. we still have the same players who oppose social progress. we have the same people who in power to allow or prohibit these advances to happen.

rating 4 out of 5
i like comedy


roehl said...

so france is a socially progressive country. i'll keep that in mind. :-)

rmacapobre said...

i would think so.

and even if it were not in fact true. it is the impression that i have of it.