Monday, March 06, 2006

Review - PS2 Game: Shadow of the Colossus

I haven't even finished the game yet (I only managed to defeat 5 of the 16 colossi) and I already know that this is a lousy game. I heard that a lot of people don't agree me since this game scored well in other reviews. Frankly, I don't know how these people felt that way. This game is boring - plain and simple. It offers no real challenges to a gamer except for some thought-provoking moments. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone I know.

1) The main character doesn't look like a hero. He looks lame. You wouldn't even know he's a guy until he got to speak; in a lousy language nonetheless.
2) No Action! The only time you get to use your sword and bow (your only un-upgradable weapons) is when you're fighting a colossus. There is not a single interaction (at least as far as I'm concerned) with another human character throughout the game. Not even while travelling anywhere in the whole map.
3) The game flow is repetitive. You start in an altar, you are told where to look for the next colossus, you look for the colossus, you kill it, then back to the altar for you. It doesn't get more predictable than that.
4) The video is awful, controls are a burden, game physics kinda sucks, lighting needs improvement. I think all of these add up to a bad gaming experience.

1) The game can be partly entertaining when you're looking for a colossus (It seems ironic that this is one of the challenges since a colossus is about 50 times bigger than your character) and figuring out how to kill it. At least you get to use some imagination while doing so.
2) I didn't buy the game. I just borrowed it from a friend. I couldn't think of another plus for the game so I added this up.

rating: RicRic Marata

5 stars - Jason Kidd
4 Stars - Chris Paul
3 Stars - Steve Nash
2 Stars - Chauncey Billups
1 Star - RicRic Marata

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rob said...

I saw a preview of this on TV. My first impression was, wow this must be an epic type game with David and Goliath-type battles. It's like they took out all the tedious parts and give you the fun stuff (boss battles) up front. Probably good in concept but bad in execution. Too bad because the idea had promise. Maybe they can improve the gameplay in a sequel. Many games nowadays look pretty but don't play well.

I've been planning to get a PS2 for several months now, if only to play Katamari and Dragon Quest 8.

RicRic Marata ("three points!!"), what no Elmer Cabahug?! hehehe.