Wednesday, August 17, 2005

kampanerang kuba

[english] one if not the hottest actress in the philippines today - the humpback bell ringer. it seems like there is a resurgence of interest towards true halfbreeds. not a few years has passed, we observe a decline especially since the advent of korean and japanese tv shows and music. i told myself once. this is it! the reign of mestizas is over. since anybody can feign hair and even skin color which in the beginning were sole trademarks. what made it so special was it was so rare. anne curtis is akin to mestiza actresses like susan roces, nida blanca, and rosa rosal. until i saw how hot she was in an episode (every night at channel 2) of the humpback bell ringer. (i might have sounded like a pedo hehehe but i truly admire her from a different standpoint). my cable was disconnected. i was late in payment. i am left with channel 2, 7, televised radio program - radio ng bayan, and thank the universe for channel 23. there are two things which i hate about the show. (1) i dont see how the catholic church got involved. it seemed like there is an agenda behind it. and there is. its instant promotion of the religion (2) the kids who mostly comprise the audience are taught to judge by appearance rather than by merit. this show teaches how to be shallow. reinforcing the wrong habit. how we interact with people has got something to do wether or not they are good looking.

Rating: 2 of 5 **
Anne Curtis is hot ..


Sidney said...

Let's say you are the boss of a big company. You need a secretary. You have the choice between a Anne Curtis look alike or an ugly girl. Who will you hire ?

roehl said...

the anne curtis look alike of course.

rob said...

re: pedo - no need for guilt because Anne Curtis is already of legal age I believe.

re: secretary choice - I'll pick Anne Curtis because it helps to have an attractive secretary who can make prospective clients feel good about themselves and transfer their positive feelings towards my secretary to the company. Also good to accompany me during business trips et al.

Sidney said...

So you all judge by appearance rather than by merit !!!

Bad,bad,bad guys! :-)

rob said...

Sometimes appearance == merit... and sheep go to heaven.

jio said...

Beauty is always an asset in any company... advertising tactics.