Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

this is another film about the genocide that happened in Rwanda. the hatred between the hutu majority and the tutsi minority. similar to the film parfois en avril (sometimes en april) which was earlier reviewed in this blog. while the latter is historical fiction, the previous is based on a true story.

the story revolves around the manager of mille collines (a thousands hills), his family, some hutu and tutsi refugees managing to survive the massacre of hutu extremists. its was less morbid than sometimes in april. or maybe ive become jaded.

the UN seems impotent to do make real changes. it took an estimated one million lives before they and the rest of the world intervened. because there wasnt any oil? because the problem involved blacks. africans? and that means they were good as dirt? i wish the UN could have done more that it should. my favorite scene was when the UN ordered all the white people out of rwanda abandoning all the africans behind.

Rating 3 of 5 ***
Humanity at its worst

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rmacapobre said...

i got 7 out of 12. not bad ..