Tuesday, August 02, 2005


a film by hector babenco

this is a movie about a prison. it is in portuguese. there was nothing surprising in the movie. just as with other prison movies. no prisoner admits to their guilt. each has his own story of how he got in. everyone is innocent. (i think nobody is innocent). even outside of prison. each one of us is guilty. one way or another. the prision is in brazil. a third world. the state of the prison was similar to prisons in the philippines. cramp, over filled, and dirty. there was internal politics. gangs. drugs. sex.

it was not meant to be funny. but i thought it was. especially towards the end. the riot and the police killing everyone so that the incumbent governor would appear good in the media for the upcoming elections. prisoners cease to become human. even so when they get out.

Rating 3 of 5 ***
Regular prison movie

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