Friday, August 12, 2005

Frente! - Labour of Love EP

This little known, not-so-widely available release completes my Frente collection. This CD is one of the best kept secrets ever, an overlooked gem.

Both hits, 'Labour of Love' and 'Bizarre Love Triangle' are here. You probably already remember those.

Follow those with the songs 'Testimony', 'Not Given Lightly', and my personal fave in this compilation 'Paper, Bullets and Walls'. Each tune showcases Angie Hart's remarkable singing voice. My computer speakers have never sounded so good. 'Not Given Lightly' is just a sweet 50's-style love song:

What can I say?
The words destroy all meaning
There's only cliches
To get across this feeling
This is a love song
For John and Desha's mother
This isn't easy
I might not write another

In contrast, 'Paper, Bullets and Walls' has the more modern sound and cutting-edge lyrics, but 50's-cute in its own way:

Your diamonds are dirt
I'd much rather hurt than have all your addictions
If you want forever we'll fuck you baby
Is it paper or bullets in the walls
When it could be possible, beautiful, wonderful
Every little wing
Flaps for something
But no one knows one
I got governments!
I got continents!
This is important baby, come on, get up

Very impressive. The CD sounds great from start to finish. I have only one complaint, it's too short at 7 songs, one of them, 'Risk' being a quick 30-second acapella.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars * * * *
Surprisingly good!

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