Wednesday, April 20, 2005


the story and character development started out pretty well but turned preachy and predictable towards the end. there were just too many unnecessary characters (anybody else disgusted to see eagle, an entertainment reporter posing as one of the mulawin? wala na silang makuhang ibang actors?). it seemed to have lost its original direction. once adrift the story had no where else to go but mainstream. and when its filipino mainstream. dont get me started. it became one dimensional. probably it was doomed from the start. i was disappointed but not suprised that it became a good vs evil story. ravenas turning mulawin and back again. who are they kidding? the drama was as usual, dragging and pointless.

there were elements of blatant plagiarism. the sentient book from harry potter. mulawin and ravena militia, the fae race from lord of the rings. the winged specie from flash gordon. father ravena meets mulawin son from starwars. "luke! i am your father" cliche. ravenna patriarch exhibiting dark jedi like powers. and some mutant like powers (flash and mr fantastic). tragedy of romeo and juliet and several references to a kind of biblical messiah (and related stories).

i would have focused on the humanity of the all characters. different aspects of being human. for example.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 because the actors were hot)


roehl said...

this is probably why i've stopped watching filipino films altogether. on the upside, filipino music has been on the rise and is definitely ready for international recognition.

rob said...

Yeah, the two girls in the picture (Angel Locsin and the other one) look hot. I like the one on the right though.

roehl said...

yes. both girls look good. i guess my preference (as to who i like more) would depend on my mood for that particular day. today, i'd like the one in the middle. did you say angel locsin? ok, will google her later.