Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Matrix Reloaded

I watched this movie twice, once on the big screen when it opened, and the second time several weeks ago on HBO. I didn't appreciate it as much on the first viewing, but it grew on me on the second watch.

There were some problems. I fell asleep halfway through Morpheus' speech. Also, the scene with the crowds of Zion people chanting and dancing like wild teenagers was a huge turnoff and made me want to root for the machines. This whole part of the movie was pointless, including the Neo/Trinity sex scene.

More problems. What's up with the council of Zion? The council of elders seemed out of place. And now they're telling me there's a chain of command hierarchy within the Zion defense force? Sheesh, this sounds suspiciously like Starfleet or the Jedi Council. Not a good move.

What I did like were the philosophical references in this one. Without revealing too much about the story, I have to say I liked the scenes with the Oracle and the Architect. Listen carefully to what the french guy and Persephone say, it will enhance your understanding of the story. And yes, the action scenes are good and will satisfy moviegoers looking for cheap thrills.

A running theme throughout the movie revolves around the concept of 'choice'. Are we here to make our own choices, or merely to understand why we made them? There is also a major plot twist revealed near the end of the movie which I enjoyed. Everything you took as fact in the first Matrix installment will be torn apart in the sequel.

This movie made me think. Were it not for the stupid Zion scenes, this would have been an excellent film.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars * * * *
Watch this movie, then tell me your interpretation.

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