Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the producers (the movie)

the producers, produced by mel brooks, is a film based on a broadway play about a musical. it has two main characters played by nathan lane (the scheming broadway producer) and matthew broderick (the neurotic accountant). matthew was dissatisfied with his life as an accountant and has decided to produce a play with nathan that will bomb in the ticket sales. this maneuver would somehow earn them both a lot of money. im not sure how that works.

for the play to suck, they had to choose a story and unsuitable actors to play the characters, that will repulse people. but this plan backfired and the play became an instant hit.

with the absence of broadway plays where im at, i thought seeing a film version is an adequate replacement.

another observation. uma thurman has very very very long legs.

rating: 3 out of 5
entertaining and hilarious


roehl said...

>another observation. uma thurman has very very very long legs.

ok. that settles it. i'm watching this one.

rob said...

Max has liked Uma Thurman ever since she appeared in 'Gattaca'.

I thought she was sexiest as Poison Ivy in one of the Batman movies.

But her favorite role for me was as 'The Bride' in Kill Bill. Great character. Come on Tarantino, we need a Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Producers - I'm looking forward to watching this one. This looks like a 'must-own' in my DVD collection. I also need to watch Spaceballs, also by Mel Brooks, a Star Wars full-length parody.