Monday, May 08, 2006

The Best Songs of the New Millenium (Part 2 of 3)

Last week I posted a list of songs that were released this decade that didn't make my top 10 best songs of the new millenium.

In compiling the list and ranking the songs, I came to realize that we actually have some pretty good songs released this decade. Only the truly good songs last, and the bad or fad songs are easily forgotten. The decade isn't over yet and I'm hoping we get lots more good stuff in the next five years.

In ranking the songs, I give plus points to those that were released earlier over those which were released just last year. This is in order to overcome any recent euphoria I felt towards newly released songs. For example, 'Krafty' is still pretty fresh in my mind so I may be a bit biased in favor of it. This makes the rating process more difficult. I tried hard to go back to the time when I first heard those songs released earlier this decade, and try to recall how I felt at the time. Mainly, those emotions I felt determine the ultimate rating. Actually it felt good recalling those older songs, it was like being in a time machine wherein I would go back to my thoughts and feelings at the time.

So without further ado, here are numbers six to ten:

10. Call Me Mellow - Tears for Fears
This song and the CD it came with was one of my favorites from 2004. It was very new and different to all the packaged stuff that was being played on the radio. Very refreshing sound, feel-good lyrics, and a Beatles 60's rythym.

9. Beverly Hills - Weezer
This will be a future sports anthem classic. Expect to hear this in NBA games and school events (in fact I heard it being played once in one of this year's NBA playoff games on TV). This could replace Queen's 'We Will Rock You' as the ultimate cheer song. And by the way, I like the lyrics, it describes how I feel about myself and the simple thought me and my friends had when we were in college.

8. Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue
I bet you didn't expect this to be here. I thought this song captured the carefree spirit of the start of the new millenium. And it kind of reminds me of those yuppies who gather around Makati on Friday nights. The song is catchy, funny and was just right for the time. Too bad, the group Madison Avenue no longer exists. I can predict this song will be remade ten years from now and become an even bigger hit.

7. Me, Myself and I - Vitamin C
I have a confession to make. Yes, I own a Vitamin C CD. And when I first heard this on the radio I thought this song kicked ass. Then after thinking about it for a while, I thought I liked it only because I felt pretty good about myself the time I listened to it. But no, this song is really good. Extremely addictive pure pop music.

6. Krafty - New Order
This song is great because it is a throwback to 80's music and proves that New Order is better than ever. I listened to it over and over without getting tired of it. This will be a classic and will get even better the next few years. Good lyrics, good melody, good use of synthetic instruments, and just makes you feel good listening to it. It gives you a liberating outlook on life.

Up next: the top 5 songs of the new millenium and the shocking conclusion to the series.


roehl said...

owning a vitamin c cd is no shame. i happen to like her myself. but among your 6-10 songs, i only consider "krafty" as a future classic.

rob said...

I'd like to see Krafty as part of a movie soundtrack or something, just so more people get the opportunity to listen to it. Maybe something to be played in a movie similar to There's Something About Mary, with a comedy montage and all, as it is a very feel good song with a positive message.

Vitamin C's debut is a surprisingly good CD. Other memorable songs included in it are: 'Smile' and 'Graduation Day', both of them becaming minor hits I believe.

I missed one song which should be included among the decade's best (not top 10 material though), Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know'. In fact I think Keane has a couple of potentially great songs still to come later this decade.

I probably should create a separate list of 10 Most Annoying Songs of the Decade of which "You're Beautiful" (James Blunt) and "The Ketchup Song" would be right at the top, hehehe.

roehl said...

"somewhere only we know" from one of hector's current favorite bands, keane, is so-so. "everybody's changing" from the same band will be the future classic.

you dont like james blunt??? "you're beautiful", "goodbye my lover" and "high" are currently making me think about buying the "back to bedlam" cd. my only hesitation is that the cd features only 10 songs. i usually want more minutes for my 450-500 pesos.

james blunt is definitely a future classic!

rob said...

>you're beautiful", "goodbye my lover" and "high" are currently making me think about buying the "back to bedlam" cd.

Roehl, I'm begging you, I'm on my hands and knees. Don't do this, pal, hehehe.

I'm pretty sure there are more James Blunt fans out there. Lemme hear what you think!