Monday, May 01, 2006

joyeux noel

it is written on the cover that it is a strue story. i distinctly remember that there had been a story about how a certain christmas song that became very popular during the first world war because of extra ordinary events happening that centered on that song. i am only familiar with very vague details about this war. it was never discussed in school as far as i can remember. so it inspired me to read about it in wikipedia. type first world war. wars are between nations / governments / kingdoms. wars are not between people. people are usually just dragged into one without realizing, or are misinformed of what they were fighting for. most people are forced into it.

there were several plots. the first plot was between two opera singers who were lovers. they were german. they were initially separated since the guy was forced to join the war effort. the woman who wanted to be with her lover founded a way to be with him, by asking the german government if they could sing together. all in the service of the nation. the second plot was a priest and two of his sacristans. i wasnt sure which side of the war they were from. they sounded german though. the third plot was about a french man, his wife abroad, and his relationship with his father, who was also fighting the war at a different location.

it was the eve of christmas. every camp celebrated in their own way. the opera singers sang. to which the other camp over heard, where the priest was played bagpipes as accompaniment. the different leaders of each camp agreed to a ceasefire. until all camps exchanged gifts and stories. they got to know each other as people. they got each others symnpathies. they were in general, in agreement that they were in a war that they didnt want. it was moving. i say in general because there was one which had been taken over with hatred, because he lost his friend earlier (gunfire).

one particular scene which i thought was very important was about the seniour priest scolding our war priest of conniving with the enemy. the seniour priest then later held mass to new soldiers, to which he told lies about them. he painted a simple picture of good and evil. he manipulated and appealed to their emotions so that hatred will take hold of their hearts. much like of what we see of priests in the philippines, when they need their political agenda addressed.

rating: 3 out of 5
its out of season, but a good (true) story to watch

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