Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Matrix Revolutions

Ahhh, I finally get to watch The Matrix Revolutions, the thrilling conclusion to one of the best trilogies of all time. The first Matrix was ground-breaking, the second had some bad parts, but was still good (my previous review of Reloaded is here). And now, with baited breath, I get to watch how it all ends. Will Zion be preserved? Is Neo the one? Will The Architect and The Oracle reveal the true nature of reality as it actually exists?

It turns out that none of these will be answered. Or maybe they were, I just stopped caring.

First off, I hated, hated the whole military hierarchy of the Zion defense force. The commanders came off too much like arrogant pricks that I actually wanted to root for the machines. Morpheus seems to have a very limited role in this one, which is too bad, because he was the only one that was cool.

The whole Trinity - Neo relationship is ho-hum. Neo goes off with Trinity on their own ship with a separate mission... but at this point I lost track of what was happening, and got bored. There's this big CGI fight between the machine squid-like creatures and the giant defense robots. It felt like watching a cartoon.

Then the ending. What the?! Did anything happen at all? Did I miss something? I can't believe how the Wachowski brother could mess up what started as such a good thing.

I hated this movie. And I tried hard to think why I disliked it so much. Perhaps it's because the supporting human characters were so unlikeable. Perhaps it's because of the melodramatic feel from start to finish, where everyone took themselves too seriously, including Neo. Even previously cool characters such as Morpheus, Agent Smith, and Persephone couldn't save this one.

I guess I just didn't get the whole thing. If anyone knows what happened here, please explain it to me.

Rating: 1/5 *
Horrible ending to a once great franchise.


rehpic said...

I would agree with the ending... It's anti-climactic. I was waiting for a grand twist or something that would at least make me feel good sitting through hours of plot and seemingly meaningless fight scenes. Big disappointment.

rmacapobre said...

i find messianic films odd and foreboding. this one has a lot of references to a "saviour" of mankind stuff.

it would have been great to have the machines won.

rob said...

After watching this, I realized that Agent Smith was right all along.