Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Here's the plot for this movie in a nutshell without giving away any spoilers: Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen are married to different people, they meet by chance in a train, one thing leads to another and they have an affair. Then something unexpected happens. Clive Owen ends up being blackmailed.

Owen's character is sheltered, quiet and clean. Yet he ends up having to deal with unsavory characters. He plunges himself to one dangerous situation after another putting him and his family's life in danger. For me this is the most compelling part of the movie, and also the most uncomfortable. There is a very dark and depressing scene with a prostitute and some corrupt cops that illustrates how much of a bind the hero gets himself into, and also how weak and vulnerable he is. It made me feel genuinely uncomfortable and distressed.

There is also a brutal scene that will leave a negative impact to the viewers, which I guess is its intent. What starts as an illicit love affair story ends up as more of a pessimistic diatribe on society. This movie is definitely not for kids. I do believe however that this is the intent of this film so it has achieved its goal.

Other scenes are quite silly, particularly the way Clive Owen's wife acts when confronted with an unknown stranger. I found myself at times shouting at the hero telling him for pete's sake to go to police and stop doing stupid things. Yet he continues making mistake after mistake, getting himself into deeper trouble.

All in all, quite a disturbing film. Not for everyone. If its intention is to shock and portray weak characters, then it has achieved its goal.

Rating: 3/5 * * *
Distressful and disruptive.

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