Sunday, December 25, 2005

king kong

what i hate about this movie. it didnt explain why these animals evolved into those giants. how did the inhabitants survive all that? who put the ruins there. they could not have made them with all the dinosaurs and insects running around. kingkongs fate was sealed even before he went to NYC. he was bound to die alone back in the island. that scene on the ice was the worst. how were they able to trasport a N foot giant with a tug boat. insects are known to travel oceans (see monarch butterflies). those giant insect would have found its way off the island. notice how the fog was conveniently done away with once they entered the island. it was almost impossible getting in. which slightly explains the mystery, how it would have stayed hidden from everyone all the way up to the 20th century. and suddenly theyre able to get out without a cinch with a giant primate tugging along.

the movie should have at least tried to explain its own physics. otherwise, then its all just kind of a mess .. isnt it. i slept thru half of the movie. there was not much in it except for the cool graphics. 5 years ago maybe before jurasic park i would have been impressed .. it takes more than a bunch of fireworks to impressed THIS audience ..

rate 1 out of 5
dum movie


rob said...

Not good eh? Too bad, I had high expectations for this movie. Naomi Watts looks really good in it.

I think Peter Jackson wanted to stay faithful to the original, which could explain some of its flaws. Also my impression is that King Kong (both the original and the remake) is more of an adventure movie, so some suspension of disbelief is necessary. Some movies successfully achieve that suspension of reality so that even unrealistic events will seem ok. Other movies, and this one could be one of them, may fail to achieve that suspension of reality which spoils it for everyone.

Cris said...

this movie was specifically filmed only to remake the original 1976 King Kong movie using the newest digital technology with only very minor revisions to the storyline itself. it was not meant to tell the story (or history if that's what you're looking for) of King Kong. you could have watched "the making of" videos or interviews of the director prior to watching before expecting too much of it.

having watched the original and then interviews of Jackson prior to watching the movie, i had no expectations as far as the story goes but i had super high expectations on special effects and i was blown away.

then again who knows, perhaps Pete Jackson is now cooking up a PREQUEL that will tell the story(or history) of King Kong. certainly something to watch out for.