Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Notebook

An overly sentimental rich girl (allie) / poor boy (noah) love story that works for me (Maybe just me) . I guess one needs to draw something from real life to be able to appreciate it. That sense of wanting to be with someone from another world so bad and things are not in your favor. Where despite the improbability, we pursue it anyway.

A reminder that we have but a short while in this life. And we will all have to deal with endings despite how much we think we deserve eternity. And in the end, we just have our memories.

I disagree with what I felt the movie was in a way saying - that having a full life equals having someone to love (and back). Having someone or not should not deprive anyone from having a full life. There are many pursuits in life. In fact, it is not uncommon to find people who are in relationships to be at the loosing end, having compromised many things just to stay in it.

Rate: 4 stars ****
Made me cry like a baby ^_^


Vic said...

Sounds interesting. Yup I agree.

There are so many things that are overhyped.

A Long and Lasting Love (yung kanta) and Living Happily Ever After ala Cinderella ni Salonga are classic examples. (LOL / Gulp!)

Michael said...

haven't read the book so i can't compare it but the movie is good.. not a great one but good... too "fictional" to the point of being a fantasy movie