Monday, January 14, 2008

Children of Men

Watched the movie on HBO last night. I 'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies and this was one of the best. The movie paints a realistic and terrifying vision of the near future, a future that seems all the more probable with all the problems that the world is facing right now.

The movie is set in the United Kingdom of 2027. Mankind has less than a century to survive, since all women have lost the ability to conceive and bear children. Accompanying this crisis is a worldwide societal collapse, rampant terrorism, discrimination, and environmental destruction. Britain becomes the last functioning government, persecuting illegal immigrants and refugees.

Watching the movie gave me a picture of the world, if the present problems of global warming, political/financial instabilities, and terrorism would continue to worsen. Unlike other apocalyptic movies where mankind is quickly eradicated by some kind of holocaust, Children of Men shows a slow and more gruesome collapse of humanity and civilization. Coupled with the mysterious dilemma of infertility, people have lost all sense of decency and morality. Many of them have simply surrendered to their inevitable doom and destruction.

Despite all the death and suffering, the movie offers hope and redemption for humanity. It might not be that uplifting (at least not for me), but it still shows that there is something positive and good about people, and there is a chance for mankind to survive.


rob said...

OK I'll check this out. I'm also a big fan of post-apocalyptic movies. I've heard of Children of Men, but was skeptical about how good it was, and whether it stayed true to the post-apocalyptic mood and style. This looks like one of the more realistic ones of its kind.

rob said...

Just finished watching it. Yes pretty depressing and grim movie. Wasn't a fan of it as I like more of the 'fun' type post apocalyptic movies.

Anonymous said...

This movie reminds me of another british post-apocalyptic movie, "28 Days Later" and "V for Vendetta". While that movie was a horror flick, this one is more bleak and depressing. Those factors made it difficult for me to go through the movie.

Halfway through it got me hooked as the protagonist now has a mission. To know what will happen kept my interest long enough to continue until the end of the movie. Only to be rewarded with an unspectacular ending.

Overall, the movie is forgettable, and it left me feeling I wasted my time.

2/5 stars.