Monday, August 27, 2007

Inland Empire

I was looking forward to watching this on DVD as it has been almost six years since David Lynch's last movie, Mulholland Dr. Unfortunately, this movie turned out to be a total disappointment. It made no coherent sense, the video was not movie-quality, and honestly, I just got bored and ended up fast-forwarding the scenes after watching it for an hour and thirty minutes.

At almost three hours, this is a very long movie, with lots of nonsensical, dragging scenes. Unlike Mulholland Dr which at least had a plot premise, this thing made no sense whatsoever, and you get the feeling that Lynch just doesn't care. He went totally overboard with this one. He doesn't even try to make up a story.

There are scenes with people dressed up in rabbit suits, a dance number performed by teenaged hookers, a couple of dramatic scenes which end up being revealed as parts filmed for a movie when the director yells 'cut'.

The flimsy background story revolves around an actress played by Laura Dern, who was an affair with her male co-star. It is revealed that a polish curse exists for the script, resulting in dire consequences for the two main stars. Real scenes end up being movie scenes, with the place shifts abruptly to some polish locations with the actors speaking a different language. Dern is interviewed all of a sudden by some police investigator where she speaks in a southern accent and tells about how she performed some violent acts in the past. This thing makes no sense whatsoever.

Trust me, there really is nothing to see here.

Rating: 1/5 *
Waste of time and film.

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steve said...

how serious should we take an opinion when one
fast forwards through a movie?