Tuesday, June 05, 2007

school of scoundrels

this movie is in the class of the 40 year old virgin and office space. its about this generally nice guy who noone notices because he looks average. maybe even a little ugly. he tries to please everyone. he is often proper. he doesnt swear. he runs away from confrontation. his life is mediocre. and uneventful. and expectedly, as most girls like the bad boys, he is alone, unlucky maybe, and to the point of being a push over because of it. he puts other people first before him. and what makes this a good movie for me is that he kind of reminds me, of me.

he started attending this class which taught him to be a winner. like the alpha male in a pack of lions. and he was very good. he learned a few things until finally his teacher, who was very competitive, started to interfere with his goals. that is to date this australian girl who lives on the same building where he lives.

this movie has a lot of funny antics. especially at the beginning where i could readily see my self in his shoes. although none of it really happened to me per se. because sometimes i do feel like a loser. and i suspect everyone even the prettiest or the smaertest people in the world, does too.

Rating: 4/5 ***
fuck nice .. lol

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rob said...

Sounds like a fun movie, I'll see if I can get the DVD. If it's anything like Office Space, it's worth it!