Sunday, January 15, 2006

north country

a mother was trying to earn a living for her and her family by taking on a job tradionally taken by men, at the mines. it immediately sets a clear backdrop of sexism at work. and her journey towards her liberation and along with it, the liberation of all women. its an important message especially for a country like ours which has a rather archaic view of women.

sexism can be as little and insignificant as a joke. it happens all the time and women are subject to it everyday. i can only imagine what it would be like for them. and the movie was clear to make that distinction. between a joke and a joke.

women are human beings. how difficult is that to understand. she is capable of doing anything she puts her mind on. that includes doing police work. fireman work. drive a car. teach. advocate. take care of the sick. lead a flock to worship. lead a country. we see proof of this in progressive socieities.

rating 3 out of 5
important message, but it lacked punch


roehl said...


how were you able to watch this film? it hasnt been shown here yet! i'm actually waiting for local movie theaters to show this film as i was impressed and deeply moved by the trailer.

rmacapobre said...

piracy FOREVER!