Sunday, November 20, 2005

40 year old virgin

la vierge qui avait 40 ans. this is a movie that i am almost afraid to watch. because im immature. even though i know that there shouldnt be any reason at all (feeling overly defensive hehe). i think its because i was unnecessarily concerned of what other people might or is thinking about me. those presumptions. those pity stares and uncomfortable conversations. true or not, is not anybodys business. strangely, i got to watch it with several of the young(er) generation from work. which maybe made the experience, of the movie telling me things i already know about myself, even more depressingly humorous. because i swear to god, they were all thinking about me. hehehehe.

ok. back to the movie. my favorite part was when his boss lady was making a proposal. it was funny because the lady really looked the part of .. someone who would engage in casual sex. no strings attached. i wonder if i will ever meet someone like that. forget the politics. forget the consequences. hahaha. another favorite was when he was watching porn. the porn his generous friend gave him. in my mind, that hit the jackpot right there already. end of movie. i mean .. its a FREE stack of porn. what else could he ask for. his reaction to the free porn was a bit odd. there was also the exposed boob slash speed dating scene. the boob looked fake, somptous but fake.

the virgin had a number of buddies. all stereotypes of what a man (american) society thinks he should be and have. there was the smooth talking womanizer. the charming and depressed angry exboyfriend. and the weed smoking and easy going jester. each character wanted to impart unsolicited wisdom, and had something to share to, the virgin. and this is the part that i thought was genius. everyone assumed he needed help, which towards the end of the movie, it becomes apparent who really had problems.

rating: 4 out of 5 ****
yes i know .. its because of the exposed boob

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rob said...

Haven't watched this yet, but Steve Carell is one funny guy, especially in the new sitcom 'The Office'.