Sunday, May 29, 2005

Frente - Marvin the Album

I was pleasantly surprised with this CD. Frente was big in the early 90's before this Australian band disbanded later on.

Angie Hart has one of the sweetest voices you will hear. The lyrics are like poetry. The songs are cute, dark, deep, and innocent at the same time. You will get a feel for the band's love of music through the well designed and carefully crafted CD booklet.

'Labour of Love' and 'Ordinary of Angels' are my favorite tracks. The atmosphere of the two songs are very unique. It is very folk music-ish, but with catchy beats and what I would describe as vocals that mocks the listener. They will instantly sound familiar as both received considerable airplay a decade ago. I also have a thing for the quirky track 'Pretty Friend' which I guess is about an ugly girl jealous of her 'pretty friend'.

But there's more, 'Lonely', 'Cuscutlan', 'No Time', 'Explode', and 'Dangerous' are some of the other cool tracks. You'll also find the familiar 'Accidentally Kelly Street', one of their hits, and which gained infamy as one of the most sickeningly sweet songs of all time. In one of her later live performances, Angie Hart jokingly announced "I hate this song!" to the cheering and laughing crowd.

Oh yes I almost forgot, the CD also includes Angie's rendition of 'Bizarre Love Triangle'. I'm sure you have heard this song once or twice before. Kind of weird that this great band would be most known for a cover song even though their original compositions were much more interesting.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars * * * *


roehl said...

rob, can you further expound what you meant when you said that angie hart's voice on a couple of songs mocks the listener?

rob said...

Roehl, maybe it's the australian accent, but to me it sounds like her voice makes fun or teases the listener, particularly in 'Ordinary Angels'.

roehl said...

rob, just listened (and watched) to "labour of love" at yahoo music videos and i think i'm beginning to understand what you mean by angie hart's mocking voice