Monday, August 14, 2006

RV (Runaway Vacation)

cast: robin williams, jojo, jeff daniels

i have a confession to make. i only watched this movie cause i wanted to see jojo in the big screen. i’d like to say i have come to regret this decision but i can’t for jojo’s beauty was greatly showcased and magnified by the huge movie screen and she had lots of camera time so my eyes had a field day ogling at her.

the story has robin williams playing a father of a family who’s supposed to go on a vacation to hawaii. however, unforeseen circumstances in his work are pressuring him to cancel the vacation. thinking that his relationship with his wife and his children might further suffer if the vacation does not push through, he tries to come up with a scheme that will satisfy both his boss and his family.

robin tells his family that rather than going to hawaii, they should instead rent an rv and go to california. of course, unbeknownst to his wife and 2 kids, california is the site of his next presentation for his company. also, he plans on working on said presentation while traveling on the aforementioned rv thus undermining his motive for supposedly spending quality time with his family.

but like i said, the content of the story had nothing to do with my intent for watching the movie. i just wanted to stare at jojo for 90 minutes or so.

my cousin jeff has already brought to my attention my supposed obsession for younger girls – girls who’re not even of legal age. but honestly, i’m a poor judge of age. i adore pretty girls or women regardless of how old they are. age to me does not determine a girl or a woman’s beauty. i guess it just stands out when it so happens that the current girl i am adoring is too young for me.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
jojo is worth the price of the ticket.


rob said...

OK Roehl, so I guess you can be our official 'Disney' reviewer. With your future insightful commentary on such shows like 'Lizzie Maguire' and 'That's so Raven'. I'm already saving up extra cash so I'll be able to bail you out, hehehe.

roehl said...

i have a big crush on raven's caucasian girl-friend. not a fan of hillary duff though. but wait .... bail me out of what? the mental asylum? :-)

rob said...

re: bail - from jail, as a result of being pedo, hehehe.

roehl said...

rob, dont worry. i never enact my sexual fantasies. in fact, i have this firm belief that it is better that they remain as fantasies cause reality will just ruin the experience and will simply disillusion me. :-)