Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Red Sox Century – Glenn Stout & Richard A. Johnson

this is a book i gave as a gift to my cousin jeff. him being the biggest red sox fan in the philippines. but being a big baseball fan myself, i asked jeff if i could borrow the book after he finished reading it.

“red sox century” chronicles over 100 years of boston red sox baseball starting way back in 1900 when they were still known as the boston americans as they were playing in the american league and thus differentiating them from the other boston baseball team playing in the national league who were naturally called the boston nationals who themselves would later become the boston braves before eventually relocating to a different city.

as one would expect, the book features stories from some of the greatest baseball players ever to wear a red sox uniform. names like babe ruth, ted williams, carl yastrzemski, roger clemens and pedro martinez come into mind immediately.

for non-baseball fans who are nevertheless into general trivia, it may come as a surprise that one of the greatest hitters of all time, babe ruth, was known in red sox lore for his “original” baseball skills: his great pitching. of course, the babe was eventually sold to the yankees and for over 80 years since this dubious transaction, the red sox never won a world series thus prompting sportswriters and baseball fans alike to call this unlucky streak in red sox history “the curse of the bambino”.

this is one of those books – especially for baseball fanatics like me – that’s perfect to read at your favorite coffee shop accompanied by your favorite strong coffee. strong so as to match the writing strength of authors glenn stout, richard a. johnson and the other featured essayists as well.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
a stunning landmark in sports history literature.


Anonymous said...

hi, i know it's kinda off-topic, but i somehow came across your blog entry dated may 24th this year, regarding about song covers.

do you happen to have the lizards' convention's wooden heart? if you do, could you please email the mp3 song me via tearsnomore@gmail.com? i've been looking for it for YEARS.

really appreciate your help. cheers! :)


rob said...

Good to hear that people still remember Lizards Convention! I'm still looking for their follow-up album 'Quarkstar'. I don't know whatever happened to the band after that.

re: Red Sox - The Curse of the Bambino makes a very interesting story. Now, the team is not as fun, as there is no more curse, no more Pedro Martinez calling the Yankees his daddy, etc. What we need is a new baseball storyline.

rmacapobre said...

how many countries join the "world" series ..