Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Break-Up

cast: jennifer aniston, vince vaughn

i have it on good authority – my psychiatrist, if i were to reveal my source – that “the break-up” was the first movie jennifer aniston worked on after her much publicized break-up with brad pitt. so i guess this nugget of information might give potential viewers something to think about if they plan on watching the movie. we never know if jennifer might be more attuned to her role because of what was then her recent break-up.

the title of the film seems to make the story self-explanatory. jennifer and vince meet at a baseball game which then precipitated the beginning of numerous dates until in the end, they decide to live together. as usual, when 2 people in-love start living together, that’s the time when they really get to know each other – including the realization of those little quirks and eccentricities inherent in each other which now they seem to find fault with. all of a sudden, they can’t agree with each other to the point that plates start flying across the room.

so jennifer hatches up a plan to get back her old sweet vince back. they agree to “break-up”, but what jennifer really has in mind is to go out with the most eligible and attractive bachelors in town in the hope that being seen with these oh so gorgeous men might make vince feel jealous and thus rekindle his old love for her.

i guess the movie was entertaining enough except ever since “dodgeball”, i’ve always come to expect vince to make me laugh. not that there were no funny moments in the movie. it’s just that they appeared sub-par when compared to vince’s caliber for comedy. but that’s also probably due to the fact that the movie was not meant to be pure comedy but rather a mix of funny moments, romance and even some drama.

rating: 4 of 5 stars * * * *
for romantics …… like me.

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