Thursday, July 20, 2006

Superman Returns

cast: brandon routh, kate bosworth, kevin spacey, james marden, frank langella

superman has always been considered the strongest superhero in the universe. even when the dc and marvel universe do crossover stories, the title of most powerful hero falls on superman. he is the epitome and living embodiment of what a superhero should be. all other superheroes become secondary beside him.

and superman being what he is, i watched “superman returns” expecting to be inspired. everybody wishes to become superman and i wanted the movie to show what it is exactly in him that people want to emulate. outside his daunting superpowers, what makes superman special and heroic? what’s so extraordinary about this alien? (this reviewer has a personal innate love for underdogs so he has a certain preference for less powerful and more human heroes.)

but try as i might to appreciate superman’s character in the movie, the film does not do due justice to his claim to heroism. he was more concerned with his love affair and obsession with lois lane so much so that the movie might have been better advertised as a story of romance than a story about a hero. (by the way, kate bosworth – who i absolutely adored in “blue crush”, blond hair and all – wasn’t even pretty as lois lane. go figure.)

i just can’t find anything to idolize in the role superman played in the movie. the only reason i could think of why people would want to become superman (based on the movie) is so that they could use his superpowers for selfish motives. maybe guys could literally and figuratively sweep girls off their feet by taking them flying. or due to invulnerability, people would have a sudden upsurge in courage to the point of recklessness when confronting their enemies as bullets won’t even stop them.

but it is the mere fact that superman is so powerful that extra care should be placed on the value of how these powers should not be abused. for if everyone got their wish and became supermen without thinking about the consequences of the possible misuse of their powers, the world would become too chaotic to live in we probably wouldn’t even have the easy luxury of watching a movie for all the malls would most likely be in ruin.

though superman was portrayed as helping people around the world (including manila if one was listening carefully) in some instances, you get the feeling it was done less out of the goodness of his soul but more as a show of his powers as if the audience does not already know who superman is or what he can do.

unlike the rival company marvel comics with their take on the spiderman movie. it first established the hero’s errant ways when his reluctance to use his powers to stop a common thief led to the murder of his uncle. then upon realizing his mistake (and owning up to it), he resolved to use his powers for the greater good of the people. simple, yet heroic and inspiring. it even gets tear-jerking in part 2 of the movie when spiderman was ready to give up being a superhero, but lo and behold, the anciently old aunt may tells his alter-ego, peter parker that kids need a spiderman -- someone they can look up to, someone to give them hope.

but everybody would rather be the more powerful superman so that the powers they can obtain can be used for personal gain. but if this is the case, then we’d all be better off reading lois lane’s pulitzer-prize winning article “why the world does not need superman”.

superman – a model we’re not worthy of; a hero we’re not ready for. let’s get charles xavier instead ……

rating: 1 of 5 stars *


rob said...

For some reason I get bored with superhero movies (Spiderman, X-Men, Elektra, even Batman Returns). But as long as they keep selling, and as long as people keep going, we will get the same unimaginative movies over and over again until we learn.

rmacapobre said...

i havent seen superman. ill probably like it like the rest of the common folk. but unlike the rest of the common folk, id wait til the hypes died down ..