Sunday, July 09, 2006


cast: bridget fonda, matt dillon, kyra sedgwick, campbell scott, bill pullman, eric stoltz, jeremy piven, paul giamatti
written and directed by: cameron crowe

i first watched this movie back when i was still in college. it’s the only movie i’ve watched with my good ole friend eric in a movie theater. and it’s the only movie i recall having ever watched at the sm north edsa mall. but it’s not necessarily these special distinctions that made this movie one of my favorites of all-time.

as college days (the time i first watched “singles”) was a time of having fun, partying out all night, and doing a bit of studying on the side – or in my case, coping up with problems and doing lots of studying to drown out my problems, i took for granted the value of my being single. i was always a hardcore loner (maybe since i was born) and was always uncomfortable in the presence of girls. to me, no other option existed outside of being single.

nowadays, i feel i’ve overcome my shyness towards girls so much so that i’ve been known to aggressively flirt around with the prettiest among them. i even had to tone down my act a bit as friends have been informing me that i might be coming on too strong with some of the girls i openly, honestly and lovingly pursue. (the reasons for my transformation from introvert to extrovert are too profoundly numerous that there is no place for them in this review. maybe i’ll expound on them on a future journal entry. stay tuned.)

my all-of-a-sudden bold capacity to approach girls made me take into consideration the idea of becoming “un-single” – that is, having a girlfriend or even (god forbid!) getting married. add to this the growing fact that most of my peers are spoken for, whether through marital vows or at least through a serious relationship.

and this is where the movie’s significance comes in. it tells that though it’s normal for everyone to desire a special loved-one he or she can cherish and hold on to, there is nevertheless nothing wrong with being single. in fact, there is as much fun and joy in being single as in being un-single.

i can delve into reasons as to how one should not let outside forces influence one’s happiness and how true joy comes from within the person but “singles” is not a serious movie. it’s a fun movie. a happy movie. a movie you can’t possibly get sick and tired of watching again and again.

and i almost forgot to mention, the soundtrack rocks!

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
a guaranteed classic that will stand the test of time.

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rob said...

Not sure about this movie, maybe it's good if you're in the right mood (watching it with a guy like Eric will probably put you in that mood, hehehe). I read that it is like the sitcom 'Friends' or inspired it. If so I would be a bit disappointed.