Monday, June 19, 2006

PCD - The Pussycat Dolls

just when i felt i was ready to purchase my very first r&b or hip-hop cd, i find to my dismay that the pussycat dolls’ debut album “pcd” was stacked in the pop section of music one records. still, since the pussycat dolls did collaborate with artists like timbaland,, and busta rhymes, i will insist on deluding myself that “pcd” is my first r&b/hip-hop influenced cd. and as i am not familiar with this particular genre of music, let this inexperienced review be a bold adventure to uncharted waters.

although “don’t cha” was the earliest pussycat dolls song i heard on the radio (even if i didn’t know it was them at the time), it was “stickwitu” that got my attention. i have come to consider “stickwitu” as one of the sweetest love songs ever made. it was so sugary (especially for a jaded reviewer such as me) that i was mildly surprised at the aggressive sexual theme and forwardness of the pussycat dolls’ other songs, “don’t cha” included.

another thing that turned my head was when i saw the pussycat dolls’ music videos and found out they were composed of not 4 or 5, but 6 sexy women. i was surprised again and proud at the same time when i learned that the prettiest among the 6 ladies, nicole, has filipino roots. she also happens to do most of the vocals and therefore can be considered the leader of the group.

also evident in the pussycat dolls’ videos is their ability to dance. if i were to be given a free lap dance, these girls would be on the top of my list (and not just on top of me). their dancing, put together with their sexy bodies and wonderful music were what moved me to buy their cd.

aside from “don’t cha” and “stickwitu”, other songs from the cd that have been already released are “beep” and “buttons”. another track to watch out for is “tainted love/where did our love go”, a 2-song medley remake of a couple of old but still very good songs. i was so impressed by their very short rendition of “where did our love go” that out of curiosity, i downloaded an mp3 copy of the original version by diana ross and the supremes.

though labeled as a pop album by local record bars (as i’ve mentioned above), i’d like to think otherwise as i’d like to believe that my discriminating ears are palatable to different types of music.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
these girls put the pussy in pussycat.

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