Friday, June 09, 2006

Failure To Launch

cast: matthew mcconaughey, sarah jessica parker, zooey deschanel, kathy bates

matthew mcconaughey’s life in “failure to launch” resembled mine in several ways. he’s single, in his thirties, and still lives in his parents’ house! his always understanding mom and dad, despite wanting him to fly away from the coop, doesn’t pressure him to do so and simply awaits the day when he comes up with the initiative to leave. he has two very close friends whom he shares common interests, and whom he spends lots of time with. he likes to go out with girls to have fun. not necessarily the sex kind of fun, but the going-out-on-a-date kind of fun.

but all similarities between matthew and me end right there. cause unlike me, matthew doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with any of the girls he goes out with. when he feels that a girl is getting serious on him, he breaks off the relationship by bringing the girl to his house, whereupon the girl realizes he still lives with his parents. a ploy that has yet to fail to turn off a girl. thus, not only does matthew get rid of the girl, he is also able to do it guilt-free as it’s the girl who vocally initiates the break-up. and when he’s free of the girl, he once again starts looking for another girl he can have fun with -- someone who won’t take him too seriously.

matthew’s parents, finally getting a bit tired of having to shelter matthew for over three decades or so, decides, after some careful thought, to take matters in their own hands – something they have refrained from doing all these years. what they did was hire a girl (sarah jessica parker), whose initial plan was to physically and emotionally entice matthew, become his girlfriend, develop his all-important “self-esteem”, and in so doing, plant in him the desire to leave his parents’ home. or at least, that’s what she’s been effectively doing to previous clients.

despite my dislike in the past for the main actors in the movie – matthew and sarah – i still found myself enjoying the film immensely. which only goes to show that there is a good story here. and another thing to consider is that although the movie is a story about love, there was nothing mushy about it. definitely a plus for tough guys out there who cringe at anything remotely soft.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
“failure” never sounded so successful.

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rob said...

Not a fan of Mcconaughey or Sarah Jessica Parker either. A better story would be to have someone who doesn't look like Mcconaughey to play his role.