Sunday, May 28, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

cast: halle berry, hugh jackman, famke janssen, anna paquin, rebecca romijn, patrick stewart, kelsey grammer, ian mckellen, james marsden

this is the 3rd installment of marvel comics’ x-men series. and you know that saying about the third time being the charm? it definitely does NOT apply to this movie!

i don’t know if i was simply in a bad mood when i watched this one. i dimly recall being bored at home and then going out to megamall to watch a movie. but boredom, in my case, is suppose to work in favor of the movie as this means: (1) i’m watching the movie just for the sake of watching it with no expectations – meaning i can’t be disappointed; and (2) there has yet to be a movie, no matter how bad, that failed to alleviate my boredom. though the film made me temporarily forget the bored state i was in, overall, i wasn’t impressed.

“x-men: the last stand” talks about the government developing a “cure” for the mutant gene. “cure” here obviously implies that being a mutant is a disease. some mutants, like rogue for instance, want the “cure”. rogue, as x-men fans know, cannot touch or kiss another person without hurting the person by absorbing his powers and memories. so it’s understandable that she wants out of this lonely and somewhat isolated state.

other mutants, led by the powerful magneto, found this “cure” to be an insult to the mutant race as aside from being branded as sick people, the “cure” is being enforced to all mutants, not just to those who want it. so magneto establishes an army (“the brotherhood”) that will wage war against the government and their very first act is to destroy the lab that is responsible for manufacturing the “cure” and to capture the mutant leech, whose powers became the basis for the “cure”. magneto calls out to all mutants to either join his army or stay out of the way.

it’s now up to 6 x-men – storm, wolverine, beast, colossus, iceman, kitty pryde (don’t ask me where the others are for doing so would be doling out too many spoilers) – and government troops armed with the “cure” to stop magneto and his huge army.

it may even sound like an interesting story on paper. heck, i was even excited when i saw juggernaut as a member of magneto’s evil brotherhood. but the movie simply lacked oomph. it was missing much needed pizzazz. all those things that make up a feel-good action movie were not there.

i was trying my best (without trying too hard) to appreciate the movie. heck, i was rooting for the movie as i’m a big comics lover myself. but all that transpired was countless suppressed yawns on my part all throughout the movie.

but as implied by the ending, both before and after the movie credits, this may not be the x-men’s “last stand” and a sequel would likely be in the offing. this would sadly become the movie’s only redeeming moment, for despite being a flop of a movie, the viewer’s curiosity is once again piqued as to what the next x-men installment would be like.

rating: 2 of 5 stars * *
unless you’re an x-men fanatic, you’re better off skipping this one.


rob said...

Man, I was disappointed with the first two X-Men movies too. And my expectations weren't high either. The whole series is boring. The only thing that kept it mildly interesting for me was when my brother and I debated who looked better: Rogue or Mary Jane (at the time, Spiderman was also showing I think). It should be no contest I think, Rogue should win hands down.

rmacapobre said...

i liked all three xmen movies. it all had the elements of a good story. desperation. external and internal oppression. a likable villain. and i identify very much with being a mutant. being different and outside.

if the movie lacked anything i thought since there were several characters. there was little space to get to know more about each. but maybe that was the point. watching the cartoons and hearing stories from friends of what had actually happened (meaning the comics version), the story was bigger than the mutant themselves.