Saturday, May 13, 2006

Silent Hill

cast: radha mitchell, sean bean

despite being an avid reader of stepen king’s macabre novels and spine-tingling short stories, i’m not the type of person who usually watches horror flicks especially of the slasher variety like “silent hill”.

the last horror movie i liked was “the others” with nicole kidman. and maybe you can add to that all m. night shyamalan films if you consider them horror instead of purely suspense novels.

my reason for abstaining from horror flicks is that when a movie from this genre fails to scare me, i feel i’ve wasted a couple of hours of my life. when a literary horror story, on the other hand, fails to scare me, i am still quite confident there would be some learning, whether consciously or subconsciously, from the tale’s rich texture of words. what can i say, i’m biased towards books. (if the reader only knew how many boring books i’ve painstakingly read from cover to cover thinking – whether foolishly or otherwise – that there is knowledge and important insight to be gained in print media.)

be that as it may, “silent hill” turned out to be enjoyable for me for one, and one reason only: i was watching it with a very special girl (she was the one who insisted on choosing “silent hill”, by the way). a girl who means the world to me even if she doesn’t know it. in fact, even if i tell her how much she means to me she still wouldn’t believe it as she continues to search for my “ulterior motives”.

but if you want to get an idea of what the movie is all about, “silent hill” refers to some isolated place that is now considered a ghost town where no sane individual would dare live.

a girl, who lives nowhere near silent hill, has her adoptive mother worried about her habit of uttering the place’s name whenever she sleepwalks. wanting to settle once and for all the reasons behind her daughter’s sleepwalking, the mother, without the approval of her husband, brings their child to silent hill.

after experiencing a car accident upon entering silent hill, the mother finds that her daughter is missing from the car and has most likely gone into the town without her.

the succeeding events of the movie deals with the mother’s desperate attempts to find her child. along the way, she comes across monsters, weird characters and morbidly scary places not to mention having to repeatedly encounter the town’s penchant for turning completely dark for no apparent reason and no determinable pattern.

all throughout the movie, i was hoping for the special girl i was with to get scared so perhaps she would hold me or maybe ask me to put my arm around her shoulders. but all she did was calmly eat her popcorn, indifferently drink her juice, and once in a while, give me insightful comments about the movie. i was torn between being disappointed for her lack of need for my touch and being turned-on by her womanly courage.

i conclude by saying that that particular afternoon i spent watching “silent hill” with my friend is an event i’ll most likely be reminiscing about several years down the road on those slow days when i have nothing better to do than lie down on my worn-out, comfortable bed and stare at the empty ceiling.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
sometimes, it’s not what you watch but who you’re with.

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rob said...

Ahhh, good movie, good popcorn, good company. Although your review is probably a bit biased due to your 'company', hehehe. Been a long time since I've watched a movie with a human being by my side.