Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mission: Impossible III

cast: tom cruise, philip seymour hoffman, michelle monaghan, keri russell, maggie q, ving rhames, laurence fishburne, billy crudup

this is your typical “mission: impossible” movie. by this i mean great, fast-paced action with never a boring moment. dialogue was generally kept short and easy to understand. heck, even if you didn’t get most of the dialogue, you’d still be able to follow the story just by watching the action. lots of good-looking people in the movie – both good guys and bad you get confused who to root for. for my part, i was having a hard time rooting against this year’s best actor academy award winner and one of my personal faves, philip seymour hoffman.

but what separates this sequel from the two previous installations of “mission: impossible” are the women. right now, i can’t even remember the women who were part of the first “mission: impossible” – which probably means their performance was forgettable. i can still remember the face of the leading girl in “mission: impossible II” but she’s just not my type owing mostly to the dark color of her skin. but in “mission: impossible III”, you get treated to not one nor two, but three gorgeously hot babes. either that or the make-up artists and hairstylists were damn good!

michelle monaghan, whom i wasn’t even nearly aroused in "north country" (maybe i wasn’t supposed to be), plays tom cruise’s wife. she was smoking hot in the movie’s climax, what with her wet sleeveless shirt and just about every part of her body drenched in sweat. she looked so juicy in the scene you’d want to lick and drink the sweat (be they real, fake or a combination of both) off her skin (whether you’re male, female or somewhere in between).

then there’s keri russell, who plays tom cruise’s protégé. i’m not a fan of the curly haired “felicity” so i guess i have to say that long, straight hair agrees with her. if there was a nude scene involving her, i would immediately and hastily proclaim this film 2006 movie of the year. but alas, my eyes were denied such sensory pleasure.

and finally, there’s maggie q, who plays a member of tom cruise’s mission crew. at first glance, she looks so-so. i mean what can you expect from someone who looks asian (she’s half vietnamese). but as the movie went on, she began to remind me of our beloved philippines’ very own sexy babe, heart evangelista – only with a better pair of legs. of course, that’s just an uneducated guess as i have never seen the full extent of heart’s legs.

the combination of these three wonder women made for some teasingly orgasmic viewing.

my favorite part in the movie was when tom and michelle decided to get married. getting insecure with tom’s constant trip for some event or so, michelle asks tom if he’s really serious about their relationship. being a secret agent who can’t divulge his work, tom calms and satiates michelle’s doubt by asking her to get married. so, at the spur of the moment, they get married in an obscure, inconspicuous room in the hospital where michelle works as a nurse. a simple ceremony presided by a minister and witnessed by two or three other hospital employees.

this was my favorite part because the marriage showcased nothing but tom and michelle’s love for one another. they felt no need to be extravagant about a holy and sacred rite that is between themselves and god; they felt no need for high-profile godfathers and godmothers; they felt no need for a way too expensive reception that merely gives one an excuse to stage a tupperware party where most guests of bride and bridegroom don’t know each other anyway.

the marriage in the movie was an ideal one as it was about love, nothing else. and it showed during tom’s succeeding mission when he couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off his face.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
tom cruise and shallow feel-good films always seem to work out well.

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