Tuesday, May 09, 2006


director: michael bay
producers: jerry bruckheimer, michael bay
cast: bruce willis, ben affleck, billy bob thornton, liv tyler, jessica steen, steve buscemi, will patton, michael clarke duncan, owen wilson, eddie griffin, william fichtner, peter stormare, keith david

simply judging by the names involved in the making of the movie, one can expect a high-budgeted, huge blockbuster film that would rock the worldwide box-office. and i guess the movie did live up to its high expectations.

“armageddon” tells the tale of a meteor the size of texas that is on a dead-on collision course with the planet earth. if left to its own device, the impending impact of the meteor would bring utmost destruction and ravishment of the planet not to mention complete annihilation of humanity. the united states government, with all the high technology of the 21st century at its disposal, has only one possible solution to the problem: a specialized team has to be sent to the meteor to dig a hole 800 (or was it 8000?) feet, plant a nuclear bomb, detonate it, and in so doing cause the meteor to be cut in half and forcibly moving both its trajectories away from earth. and thus it came to be that the fate of the world would rest upon the shoulders of a group of uncouth oil diggers who have never been to space all their lives.

i feel the strength of the movie lies in its repeated watching as it continually grows and grows in you until it finds a soft spot right smack in the middle of your heart. not that the first watching was mediocre, but like vintage wine the movie seems to get better with age.

although “armageddon” is a sci-fi/action flick with some love story on the side, my first screening of the movie had me crying and bawling at 2 or 3 different instances. but the last time i watched the movie, i couldn’t count anymore how many times i was moved to tears. instead of losing the film’s melodrama due to prior knowledge of the story, the later screenings actually heightened the other seemingly innocent scenes’ dramatic effect as you anticipate the irony of future events. you listen to what a character is saying and then you can’t help but compare it to what you know the character is going to say in the future, and you marvel at the way a character’s views could change because of some heroic act. or you can admire a character’s stubborn consistency on what he feels is the unquestionable right.

the next time i update my top 30 movies of all-time, this one is sure to make the list. it just took me a few more viewings to realize this is top material.

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
catharsis occurs as tears flow.


rob said...

I guess I have to watch this movie again. I was probably in a bad mood the time I watched it years ago, I got impatient during the extended Bruce Willis goodbye scene. I did find the "Leaving on a Jet Plane" musical part cheesy but cute.

I felt that Deep Impact was the superior one of the two Asteroid movies, and was a little bit more realistic (and Tea Leoni looked great in it). But I understand these are really two different kinds of themes.

Admit it, you could relate to Bruce Willis' character didn't you? The question is, who is Ben Affleck, Hector? Crab? and more importantly, who was Liv Tyler, hehehe.

roehl said...

on the contrary, there was no character i could relate to. if you're thinking that it's "character-relation" that's making me emotional about the movie, this is not the case. usually, if i can relate to a character, then all his motives and actions would be pedestrian to me and thus wouldnt affect me too much. things that make me cry are those that i dont often see.

but while we're at it......

......i dont know who to compare bruce willis's character, but crab would be ben affleck, dennis rule would be michael clarke duncan, henry ren would be billy bob thornton, you would be steve buscemi, and here are the key characters:

liv tyler would be marigold -- the supposedly good-looking "it" girl who's not my type; and

jessica steen would be charibeth -- the girl in the sidelines who you would not notice but definitely my type.

now consider, ben affleck and liv tyler -- meaning crab and marigold. definitely an explosive combination!

rob said...

Steve Buscemi? Damn!! hehehe. But actually I think he had the best line of the movie: "Cause I'm a genius!" And I also liked his role in Con Air when he sings "He's got the whole world in his hand, he's got the whole world in his hands."

Don't like Liv Tyler either, too doll-like I think, her beauty is not realistic in my opinion. Although I'm sure max will disagree.