Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nyoy Volante Live @ Glorietta Park

the date was april 1,2006. april fool’s day. it was a cool saturday summer evening. the show was supposed to start at 6pm. but you know what they say about philippine time. it’s always on daylight saving time – maybe later. so around 6:30, i was still at the coffee bean and tea leaf in greenbelt catching up on my reading.

when i did get to glorietta park, nyoy was in the middle of one of his many cover songs for the night. a jam-packed crowd was grooving along to his husky voice which was aptly supported by a great back-up band. (that john ray on sax really had some lung power!)

somewhere through the show, i got to wondering why nyoy didn’t go into rock. is he too good-looking for rock? would filipino girls swoon more if he played radio-friendly pop songs and love songs? is it a turn-off for good-looking people to make a stand or rebel against conformity?

now there’s nothing wrong with nyoy’s live performance. i just felt he would exude more energy (something this country desperately needs) if he were covering songs by say, creed or nickelback. doing so would undoubtedly enliven even the most laidback of crowds.

i say leave the softer sounds to women: kitchie nadal, barbie almalbis, mojofly, milk-n-money, moonstar 88, imago and parameta. not that they can’t come up with their own brand of rock. hell, most of these women can chase nyoy out of the building on any given night. all i’m saying is if we want to be entertained with something romantic, let the people who know best about romance do it – talking about the women.

and don’t we have too many mellow songs on the radio already? nothing wrong with this except we filipinos need some energy to help each other lead happy lives as opposed to trying to get ahead by bringing everybody down. let’s get this crab mentality out of our system and let the music inspire us to be brave, to not settle for what is available, to find god, to be free ……

but what do i know about the current state of the country’s music industry. i guess the working philosophy is: if it sells, it must be good. i myself am guilty of being influenced by the usatoday bestseller list when choosing books to read.

still, music is something to be treated with passion. cultures have been defined by their music. years from now, i wouldn’t want our culture to be defined by songs of the sexbomb girls, bayani agbayani, vhong navarro and willie revillame.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
music is about letting go but nyoy was holding back.

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rob said...

Finding good music is hard work. You need to keep your ears open to discover great original songs. The radio and TV is no longer a reliable source of good music. Much of it is manufactured. To find good music sometimes you need to gamble with unknown artists. It's a great feeling when you hit the jackpot with that unique new song or talented new band.

So either Volante really wants to sing those songs, or he was ordered by his manager to do so in order because it sells the most records. If the guy is good, maybe he will make enough money with the popular music, then start singing the ones he really wants.