Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold

if i were to make a one sentence review of this book, i’d say: alice sebold is a craftily skillful writer, but her plot for “the lovely bones” sucks. (this, however, is not a one sentence review.)

“the lovely bones” has a young murdered girl narrate – as she looks down from heaven – the events that transpire after her death. she relates in a pathetically dramatic way the repercussions that her death brought to her surviving family and friends. she talks about the police’s inability to solve her murder. she expresses her thirst for justice as she continually stalks her murderer. in short, it’s a boring story.

it even has a “ghost”-like and therefore very unoriginal ending when the murdered girl was able to “borrow” the body of a friend so she can make love for the first (and also last) time with her only childhood flame. heck, i never even liked the original “ghost” concept to begin with, no offense to demi moore fans.

but this flop (not in terms of sales though) of a novel should not be taken as discouragement for reading future alice sebold books. the writing skill is definitely present. it’s her imagination that needs some work.

considering that “the lovely bones” is a work of fiction, alice sebold’s life (which obviously is real) proves more interesting. she is a former rape victim who refused to let the rape incident disrupt and ruin her life. in fact, the event, which would usually be a cause for trauma, anger, resentment, bitterness, indifference, cynicism, depression or disillusionment with most people actually served as a motivating force that made her the successful, goal-oriented and focused person that she is today.

however, i’d like to take the story of her life separately from her debut fictional work “the lovely bones”. so as much as i hate to do it, the first lowest rating i will be giving for a book will be written by a straight female, which, as everyone should know by now is my favorite gender.

rating: 1 of 5 stars *
though filled with writing potential, this one’s a total waste of time.

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rob said...

This reminds me of 'Servant of the Bones' by Anne Rice, my all-time worst fiction book. Similar story, similar plot background.