Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Ladykillers

cast: tom hanks, marlon wayans, j.k. simmons

it’s nice to pop a dvd in your home theater without any expectations whatsoever regarding the movie you are about to see. you have a couple of hours to spare and you decide to pick up the first movie lying around your house that you haven’t seen. this was the predicament i found myself in.

now don’t get me wrong. i don’t possess a home theater. in fact, i’ll most likely never own one. but my friends have always found me to be a dreamer. and thus, the exaggerated improvisation.

but once again, i digress.

“the ladykillers” is a story about an impromptu band of thieves who dared to plan the robbing of the town’s casino vault. said vault was located underground so they decided to pose to an old trusting lady as classical musicians who are in need of a root cellar for their supposed rehearsals. the root cellar would serve as their base of operations from where they would dig themselves thru to the casino vault. all was turning out quite well until midway through their celebration when the lady walked in on them and discovered their dirty little secret. under threat by the old lady to either return the loot or risk being reported to the police, the thieves came to the conclusion that they had to kill the old lady. and thus the title, “the ladykillers”.

with tom hanks and marlon wayans in the cast, you immediately anticipate that the movie is going to be a hilarious one. but unlike most pedestrian comedies that rely too much on physical comedy, this film’s comedic antics are subtler in nature and may even require a little thinking especially if one is not familiar with american and african-american culture. i believe subtlety in comedy is highly laudable as it does not force the individual to laugh but rather it persuades a relaxing, laidback and cheerful entertainment. hilarity comes more naturally.

i guess my biggest complaint for the movie is that some of tom hank’s dialogue is too slurred and difficult to decipher. but that may be because i’m also guilty of being brought up in a different culture possessing a different set of internalized and pre-programmed conditions for certain accents.

rating: 3 of 5 stars * * *
it would be nice to “bring your bitch” while you watch this.

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rob said...

Haven't watched this, but my impression is that Tom Hanks could be miscast in this role. Having him as the lead role is distracting because you think of all his other roles, thus the accent and mannerisms don't look natural.

Home theater will be nice, but actually just watching a movie together with the rest of the guys would be fun enough.