Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gold - Aerosmith

it’s amazing how a band that was formed before i was even born continues to rock both the old and young alike. formed back in the late 60’s, aerosmith refuses to be held back either by the changing times or by the resurging competitiveness of the music industry. not even the emergence of younger and more energetic rock bands would diffuse their indomitable spirit.

gold is a 2-cd collection of aerosmith’s greatest hits under geffen records. the cd is filled with more than two and a half hours of 80’s and 90’s aerosmith music, the two decades when the band had a contract with geffen. a couple of pre-geffen 70’s music – “dream on” and “sweet emotion” – were included here as live recordings as the performance was caught during the geffen era.

there is no need to sugarcoat aerosmith’s impact to rock music as their very name speaks for itself. there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that most rock bands today owe at least part of their influence to aerosmith. if i had a band today, i would cite aerosmith as one of my influences.

visibly missing from this “gold” compilation is my friend henry’s favorite aerosmith song of all time, “i don’t wanna miss a thing”. or as my dear pal would say it, “i don’t wanna miss a tang”. its absence may be attributed to geffen not being responsible for releasing the “armageddon” soundtrack.

rating: 4 of 5 stars * * * *
you don’t wanna miss this thing.

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