Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mesmerize - System Of A Down

here’s some angry and loud music guaranteed to both literally and figuratively knock you off your feet and rock your world. system of a down – or “soad” as they are more popularly known in virtual chat rooms – come up with an 11 track, 36 minute repertoire that is sure to wake up and energize even the most sleep deprived insomniacs.

as of this writing, 3 tracks from this cd have been released: the highly political “b.y.o.b.” (which stands for bring your own bomb), the poignant “question!”, and the haunting power ballad “lost in hollywood”.

what’s great about soad’s songs is that as you repeatedly hear them on the radio, the more they grow on you – with absolutely no exception. so in the unlikely event that all soad songs get released as singles and consequently receive ample radio airplay, all their cds would without a doubt be considered greatest hits cds, “mesmerize” included. to date, soad has at least 5 full length studio albums. not even the great madonna herself can boast of 5 greatest hits cds!

i only wish i could understand more often what soad is trying to say, sing or protest in theirs songs as they strike me as a very politically correct band – the materials used for the “mesmerize” cd booklet are environmentally friendly by the way. but i guess we sometimes have to rely on our own time-honored interpretation and impeccable guesswork, which in my case is just about the same as talking gibberish.

rating: 4 of 5 stars * * * *
“wake up, grab a brush and put a little make up ……”

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Pedro Vera said...

Mesmerize is what happens when a great band lets marketing dictate their main direction. If you compare Mesmerize to Toxicity you will definitely notice the differences.

And yeah, the political part of their music is cutting edge and very welcome, but the music part is completely forgettable. Except for Violent Pornography, that track is almost too good to belong with the rest of Mesmerize.

Pedro Vera