Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Few Good Men

cast: tom cruise, demi moore, jack nicholson, kevin bacon, kevin pollak, keifer sutherland, j.t. walsh, cuba gooding jr., james marshall

before john grisham, there was “a few good men”. i say this for the movie’s strength, among other things, is good courtroom drama. i am not in any way putting my stamp of approval on grisham movies. it’s just that he’s currently the most popular icon when it comes to legal thrillers and i was desperate in coming up with a comparison. i had a deadline to beat.

the first time i watched this was with a college buddy who’s now in canada. i felt so moved i asked my parents and sisters to watch it with me again. now i have it on video – original of course.

tom cruise playing lead counsel for two marines accused of killing a fellow marine was brilliant. his devil-may-care attitude and love for baseball made his character an endearing one.

demi moore and kevin pollak playing legal assistants to tom cruise provided a chemistry that is both funny and unique. funny and unique may be lame adjectives for this particular description but the reader must give pardon for i am in the middle of some form of writer’s block.

kevin bacon as the prosecutor was nicely done as he and tom cruise had a passionate but good-natured rivalry when it came to outsmarting each other inside and outside the courtroom. we need more rivalries like this. fights and arguments based on ideas as opposed to personal vendetta.

jack nicholson as the bad guy was very convincing. so convincing you might find yourself hating him even if you’re a big fan.

james marshall as a zealously fanatical marine and one of the accused gave me goose bumps. this is one of those instances when fanaticism to a certain code can be so inspiringly noble.

another strength of the film is its rich dialogue. i remember some of my former college buddies quote line after line from this film they might as well have copies of the screenplay.

all in all, a great movie due in large part to good character development and very witty and entertaining dialogue.

rating: 4 of 5 stars * * * *
an american movie thru and thru.

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rob said...

I love this movie. I both admired and hated at the same time Jack Nicholson's character.

Of course my favorite line was when Tom Cruise used Nicholson's own catchphrase - "crystal" against him, classic, hehehe.

Haven't posted any reviews in some time but stay tuned, I will post a bunch this weekend!