Thursday, March 16, 2006


cast: heath ledger, sienna miller, lena olin, jeremy irons, oliver platt, natalie dormer

i’ve got one word for this movie: wow!

casanova, world’s greatest womanizer meets francesca, the woman who would make him fall in love. casanova has one big problem though: francesca, who writes philosophical books in a male nom de plume, is a hardcore feminist who detests everything that casanova stands for.

however, when francesca met casanova, she knew him by another name. francesca preaches to the person she does not know is really casanova about a certain great feminist philosopher who in turn casanova does not know is francesca herself. this prompts casanova to do research on the philosopher’s teachings so he can emulate him as he thinks he is his rival.

thus, as in most cases regarding love, they meet under false pretenses. this has always been true throughout the history of mankind. we like to appear perfect to the person we desire the most to the point that we hide our true identity. then, after we get married and our true colors begin creeping into the light, we get disillusioned and disappointed and we wonder what we have gotten ourselves into. when it comes to marriage, i believe we must always ask ourselves this question: what will we do after the honeymoon stage is over?

rating: 5 of 5 stars * * * * *
though not real, the best “love” is found in the movies.


rob said...

Re: Marriage - here's what I learned from my parents regarding the end of the honeymoon phase. Young couples think the passion will last forever and that they bond into a single individual entity. This is a myth perpetuated by the romance books. Even after marriage, you still remain two distinct people. Rather than being the 'same', married couples need to find strength in their differences in order to survive. Having diverse thinking in the family also produces better adaptable offspring. Can you tell that this comment belongs in dangerousthinkers? hehehe.

roehl said...

rob, your comments belong where they are as movies and the corresponding reactions they evoke can also be dangerous at times.